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Busch + Müller
IQ-X T Senso Plus LED Headlight silver
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Busch + Müller
IQ-X T Senso Plus LED Headlight silver
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  • Description

    Busch + Müller IQ-X T Senso Plus LED Headlight silver Dynamo operated

    IQ-X by Busch + Müller: High End meets design!
    The IQ-X by Busch + Müller. Its newly developed optical technology makes it possible for the first time, with a dynamo headlights to crack the 100-lux brand - with a very broad, wide and homogeneous large-area illumination of the road.

    Joined to high-end technology, the IQ-X also Design

    • The housing, which also serves as a cooling system consists of high-quality aluminum. Hell to the side radiating slots in the holder ring set visibility accents, while the ergonomic control button is embedded in a blue glowing ring.

    The standard safety equipment

    • Sensor-controlled daytime running lights, parking lights and a flexible multi-joint headlight bracket with integrated cable channel, which also makes overhead installation possible.

    Product Features

    • 100 Lux
    • Large surface light field with close-range illumination
    • Sensor-controlled daytime running lights with lateral radiation
    • Sidelights
    • Screw-front reflector
    • Flexible multi-joint headlight bracket
    • With German certification mark
    • Casing: Aluminum


    • silver

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x IQ-X LED Headlight silver
  • Reviews
    The best choice. This 100 lumens are brighter than 500lumens bikeflashlight. All the light spot is on the road, shouldn’t blind anyone. It shines Wide and far enough to go comfortably 30km/h in the total dark. Totally recommend
    Hervorragendes Licht, super hell mit guter Nah- und Fernausleuchtung. Leider ist die Halterung miserabel. Von Anfang an instabil und nach 2 Monaten abgebrochen. Habe aus einem Alu-Profil eine stabile Halterung selbst gebaut.
    Herzlichen Dank! Blitz schnell geliefert! Scheinwerfer funktioniert großartig!
    The black version (wich I preferred) was out of stock, so I bought the silver one instead. Delivery was fast and setup was quite easy. The difference is huge with my former AXA 15-Lux headlamp: if the lighting is not that impressive in an urban area (because of the street lighting, other vehicles lights, etc.), it reveals its full power in the complete darkness. I tested it in the countryside (with no public lighting at all) and it is pretty amazing: the sample photos provided on the Busch + Müller website are pretty accurate, I can assure you. As long as you set-up the ligh angle properly, the lighting can reach as far as 70m more or less. The light is not just a bright (and small) spot in front of the bike: it is wide, far-reaching and consistent, and this is definitely the big plus of this lamp which is, after all, a quite good value for money. The downside of this lamp is that it switches automatically between day mode (dimmed light) and night mode (full light): you cannot force the night mode (full light) during the daylight, which is quite "disempowering". I would add that the user guide (or, to be exact, its translation in ENG or in FRE) is not clear at all about the difference between daylight mode and night mode: there is a very, very long paragraph trying to explain the characteristics of the 2 modes, but Busch + Müller definitely needs to rephrased this section!! Pros: wide, consistent and powerful lighting Cons: user cannot force the Night Mode during daytime, the lamp switches automatically between Day mode & Night mode
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