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Busch + Müller
E-WERK The Mobile Energy Supply Marvel
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Busch + Müller
E-WERK The Mobile Energy Supply Marvel
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Item no.: EL00000051
  • Description

    Busch + Müller E-WERK The Mobile Energy Supply Marvel Chargers

    The high output, hub dynamo powered universal power supply and charging unit For all those who do not want to go cycling without their mobile phones, GPS, MP3 players and other electronic devices and do not have access to a stationary charging station comes the "bike mobile" E-WERK.
    • approx. 53 g (without accessories)
    • connected to the hub dynamo, the "bike mobile" E-WERK provides electric energy for a multitude of applications
    • voltage (up to 13.3 V) and current (up to 1.5 A) are set in small increments so that all mobile phones, GPS, radios etc. can be powered or batteries charged while cycling, without unwantedly high currents or voltages causing damage to connected devices
    • negligible idle losses (only 0.03 W at 30km/h)
    • connection via cables with USB socket, with mini USB plug, with micro USB plug, or two cables that can be custom-tailored quick and secure mounting with o-rings or cable straps
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