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c.guide v.02 red
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c.guide v.02 red
33.53 €
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Item no.: 10027687
  • Description

    Bionicon c.guide v.02 red

    For the coming season the new c.guide v.02 will arrive. The weight is still below 20 grams but a host of improvements have been made.


    _ split design
    The whole construction is 2 part so allowing fitting over the gear cable and chain with no disassembly! Fitting is even quicker than before.

    _ universal hinge
    The c.guide v.01 required the gear cable to run along the underside of the chainstay for optimum fitting. Version v.02 can be fitted to any bike with a normal chainstay design. This increases the number of potential users enormously.

    _ cable hinge
    The c.guide can still be fitted over the gear cable meaning the cable hinge is not needed. This gives a small weight saving and a cleaner look.

    _ pivot tube
    The guide tube now features a pivot and follows the chainline much better whether with 2 or 3 chainrings. Reduced chain noise and lower wear are the result.

    c.guide v.02 – the most innovative chain retention system

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