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Frontlight Strike 300 BLS-71 black
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Frontlight Strike 300 BLS-71 black
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Item no.: 10033190
  • Description

    BBB Frontlight Strike 300 BLS-71 black

    Cyclists who think the riding ends after sunset miss out on some excellent time to be out on your bike. BBB light sets put enough light on your bike to make the most out of riding in the dark. Just mount a light set and get more riding done!
    • Lightweight and compact USB rechargeable headlight.
    • Powerful 300 Lumen XP-G CREE LED.
    • Exchangeable internal EnergyBar (BLS-93) battery pack.
    • Quick and easy to charge by USB.
    • Airflow Cooling System (ACS) for optimum heat control.
    • 5 modes: Super beam, high beam, standard beam, low beam and flash beam.
    • Water-resistant casing.
    • Rubber enclosed water-resistant switch.
    • Multifunctional power indicator, indicates empty battery (red light), light On (blue light) and charging (blue flash light).
    • Easy mounting by angle adjustable TightFix bracket fits on both standard and oversized handlebar diameters.
    • High quality Lithium ion polymer (2300mAh 3.7V) battery pack can be (dis)charged up to 400 times without noticeable performance loss.
    • Charging time is typically 4 hours. The system is protected against short circuits, overcharging and total discharge.
    • Weight: 127 grams.
    • Size: 112 x 35 x 40 mm.
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