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King Carapax - MTB-Helmet
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King Carapax - MTB-Helmet
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Item no.: 20014380
  • Description

    Alpina King Carapax - MTB-Helmet

    New for 2015! The CARAPAX completely took the world of cycling by storm last year, or the world of Enduro to be precise, and now it is joined by a big brother: KING CARAPAX.

    This Enduro helmet features a larger peak and an integrated chin-guard for even more safety on the downhill.

    Features - King Carapax

    • Antibacterial Interior
    • Fly Net
    • Airflow Vents
    • Edge Protect
    • Ceramic Shell
    • Shield Protect
    • HI-EPS
    • Inmold Tec
    • Ergomatic
    • Custom Fit System
    • Y-Clip
    • Run System Ergo Pro
    • Weight: approx. 398 g


    Helmet pads made of a special padding material reduce the formation of bacteria and thus prevent perspiration odors.

    For protection against insect bites, the front holes of some models are lined with a net.

    ALPINA developers invest a lot of time and energy in continually improving the ventilation of our bike helmets. By using a wind tunnel tested configuration of the vents our engineers achieve a “Venturi” effect inside the helmet. It cools the head, reduces perspiration and increases performance.

    This manufacturing process ensures that there are no sharp edges to be found on Inmold helmets, reducing the risk of getting hurt in two ways: firstly, handling the helmet is always comfortable for the hands, and secondly, the bottom edge of the helmet will not cause scratches to the neck and shoulder areas in the event of a crash.

    That's the name for the outer shell of all ALPINA helmets featuring INMOLD manufacturing technology. This thin and light-weight material is extremely break- and scratch-resistant, UV-stable and antistatic.

    The detachable shield protects against dirt splash as well as direct sunlight.

    The inner shell of all INMOLD helmets is made of HI-EPS (High Expanded Polystyrene). It consists of a multitude of microscopic air pockets that absorb the forces occurring in an impact. In addition, HI-EPS absorbs neither water nor sweat.

    Inmold helmets are produced by foaming the inner shell underneath the outer shell under high pressure and heat. Thanks to the complete bonding between the upper and lower shells INMOLD helmets are extremely sturdy and very light. In addition, they offer clearly more safety than spot-bonded helmets.

    Tried and tested countless times, this is the buckle used in all Alpina cycle helmets. It features a red push button and multi-step automatic adjustment. It can be used one-handed, so for example you can loosen the strap when riding uphill and tighten it again for the descent, and it will not open in the event of a crash.

    A helmet can only provide proper protection if it stays securely in place in the event of an impact. The fastening that joins the two straps under the ear is critical to this. Alpina‘s Y-Clip system guarantees a perfect fit down to the last millimetre, all in a matter of seconds.

    The top model of the new Alpina Adaptation Systems for the rear head has left and right of the central newly designed two large "headrests". Both, the wing-shaped cushion as well as the adjusting wheel itself, are made of a two component mix containing synthetic material and rubber. Since 2014, the Run System Ergo Pro is available in matching colors to the helmet.

  • Specifications


    Manufacturer: Alpina
    Women/men/unisex: Unisex
    Colour: black
    Weight: approx. 398 g
  • Reviews
    Very good built quality, light, sitting tight and overall very comfortable helmet.
    Very light and comfortable, perfect for long trails, is not a downhill helmet, but is perfect for Enduro in my opinion.
    Gute Tragekompfort Test nach 2 Jahren Gebrauch. Helm ist sicher! Kinnbügel vermeidet denke ich nur das schlimmste. (sehr dünn und flexibel) Großes Minus für die Befestigung des Kinnbügels da die Gewinde im Helm nicht genug verankert sind und sehr schnell durchdrehen. Kinnbügel lässt sich dann nicht mehr montieren.
    Helm für den Preis wirklich gut. Mir gefällt die gute Belüftung. Taugt daher auch als Alltagshelm. Wie er sich bei einem Sturz verhält, muss ich hoffentlich nicht testen.
    Ich habe mir den Helm gekauft, um einen abnehmbaren Kinnschutz für steinige und teils leicht verblockte MTB Bergabfahrten zu haben. Bergauf nervt ein Kinnschutz. Auf dem Gipfel wollte ich den Kinnschutz aus dem Rucksack nehmen und EINFACH befestigen. Es funktioniert, aber leider nicht einfach. Man benötigt einen Schraubendreher für die 4 Schrauben. (Multitool hab ich dabei!) Die Verschraubung ist (glaube ich) nicht darauf ausgelegt häufig gelöst und festgezogen zu werden. Der Kinnschutz wirkt auch nicht extrem Robust (die Flexibilität des Plastiks ist evtl. so konstruiert, um die Energie aus dem Sturz abzufedern), wird aber sicherlich im Falle des Falles funktionieren. Insgesamt ist der Carapax ein guter Helm, wenn das Befestigen/Lösen des Kinnschutze einfacher wäre würde ich 5 Sterne vergeben.
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