Customized wheels for your individual needs

Hardly any other component of a bicycle has such a great influence on the riding behaviour as the wheels. They influence both the riding comfort and the top speed of your bike. On a mountain bike, good wheels are above all a guarantee for directional stability. Do you have the feeling that you can get even more speed out of your road bike or trekking bike when riding downhill? You want to get your MTB tubeless ready? Whatever you’re planning, we have put together front and rear wheels which will fit your individual projects perfectly. Components from different manufacturers have been combined to create unique products with an excellent price-performance ratio. For example, you will find hybrid wheels with Shimano hubs combined with Mavic or WTB rims and DT Swiss spokes. Our individual high-quality wheels in the sizes 26", 27.5", 28" and 29" are made of excellent components and will simply make your bike better. You will certainly enjoy our exclusive choice of customized wheels.

Shimano Custom Made

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