crankbrothers – products for a revolutionary MTB riding experience

Since its beginnings in 1997, the Californian MTB equipment manufacturer crankbrothers has followed a simple design philosophy based on rethinking and redesigning every product from scratch. This approach results in marvellously unusual and highly functional creations that enhance cycling pleasure. The so-called Eggbeaters have certainly been the biggest crankbrothers coup so far: with their open construction these revolutionary click pedals looked more like stirring utensils than conventional pedals. However, due to their minimal weight and easy entry options they quickly caught the attention of bikers all over the world. Thanks to this kind of ingenuity, what began in a garage in Laguna Beach has become one of the most popular brands not only for pedals, but also for seat posts, pumps, tools and accessories. And the story is far from over, because with the support of world-class athletes, crankbrothers continues to develop groundbreaking mountain bike components.


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