CLIF Bar – the tasty alternative to conventional energy bars

When Gary Erickson grabbed the umpteenth energy bar on a long bicycle tour in 1990, the insipid taste prevented him from even taking another bite in spite of his hunger. Since the future founder of CLIF Bar was convinced that he could do it better, he started experimenting in his mother's kitchen to come up with the ideal sports nutrition. After numerous attempts, the CLIF Bar recipe was found; taste, consistency and nutritional values were perfect. In 1992 the product was ready for the market and immediately fascinated cyclists as well as recreational and track and field athletes. To this day, nothing much has changed. CLIF Bar is still family-owned and known for its sustainable products and social commitment. Above all, however, customers appreciate the variety of tastes and the ideal composition of CLIF Bar sports food. If you’re not already a fan, just give it a try!


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