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Zinc is important for a good immune system and healthy skin.
Zink Plus 50 Chew Tablets
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5,56 €
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flavour: Johannisbeere

You did not find the adequate gift? You are not sure whether you make the right gift? Then a gift voucher might be the approp…
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The Flow, one of Tacx's most popular trainers, has been restyled. This entry-level ergotrainer with a frame that rebounds slightly while you ride is excellent v…
T2200 FLOW Ergotrainer
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167,23 €
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Specially developed for riding on a hometrainer.
Copertone per cycletrainer T1390 700x23
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20,92 €
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The Edge 1000 Cycle Computer for Competing, Connecting and Navigating.
Edge 1000 Bundle - Navigation System
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364,66 €
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Radon Calendar 2015.
Calendar Etna
5,84 €
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This handlebar bracket is designed for mounting a tablet on the handlebar. Suitable for handlebars with diameter 26 to 35 mm and adjustable for various image si…
Bracket for tablets
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20,92 €
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The ideal sweat protection for the hometraining.
T2930 Sweat Cover
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11,72 €
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Limited edition including sweat catcher, Skyliner, exercise mat, Video Cycling DVD Mallorca I.
T2630 Blue Motion Pro Plus Ltd Edition
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150,42 €
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The journey to your summit is what it's all about – whether it's a mountain or a personal best. The Suunto Ambit3 Peak is your ultimate GPS watch for sports and…
Ambit3 PEAK Black (HR)
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306,68 €
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Seven altitude functions, barometric altitude determination and intelligent altitude calibration make the ROX 6.0 the ideal choice for riding in the mountains.
ROX 6.0
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67,18 €
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The Mighty torque wrench has a clearly visible scale for exact adjustment of the desired values. 2 bis 24 NM, Including 7 bits.
Kit Chiavi Dinamometriche 2-24 Nm incl. 7 bits
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28,49 €
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The i-Flow is a Virtual Reality trainer for riders who want to be entertained while cycling.
T2270 i-Flow with TTS4 Basic
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209,24 €
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The Trainer Mat protects the floor and has a noise dampening.
T2930 Training Mat
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33,57 €
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Axle skewers are needed to place your bike in the trainer.
Bloccaggia Tacx Trainer T1402
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4,96 €
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Best coat the ASSOS Chamois Cream onto the application after every second washing. This, however, only applies to the traditional applications, like the BiTread…
Chamois Creme
12,61 €
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As a competitive athlete you constantly set yourself ambitious goals. Hydration is key to reaching your potential. ISOACTIVE – Isotonic Sports Drink is designed…
ISOACTIVE Energizing Sports Drink 1320g Limone
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13,93 €
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flavour: lemon

As a competitive athlete you constantly set yourself ambitious goals. Recovery is one key to reaching your potential. RECOVERY – Regeneration Drink is designed …
Recovery Regeneration Drink Chocolate 1,2kg
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17,71 €
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flavour: Schoko

Ashima to T-25 Torx screws M5x10 mount disc brakes with 6-hole receiver.
Disc Brake Rotor screws set 12 red
3,28 €
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ML 140 Climate control directly on the skin.
Megalight 140 Boxer Men
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10,88 €
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size: M (46-48), L (50-52), XL (54-56)
Copertone per cycletrainer 700x23C Elite Coperton
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20,92 €
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Stabile, practical, sturdy: these are the features of this new product made entirely out of galvanized steel with aluminum joints. The closing arm has a quick…
Cavalletto Supporto Bici Bike Star
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41,93 €
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Disponibile tra almeno sei settimane

Questo è il tuo Edge!
Edge 810
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234,45 €
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Umfangreiche Testportionen! 16 Portionen Sporternährung, eine 750ml Trinkflasche und eine transparente Multifunktionsbox, lebensmittelecht und spülmaschinenfest…
Test-Box inkl. Gratis Trinkflasche 750ml
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6,68 €
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flavour: Mixed
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