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A balanced 29er hardtail with pleasant relaxed seating position for longer rides.
Acid 29 black 'n white
PPC* 755,46 €
604,20 €
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Even as an entry-level bike, the ZR Lady 5.0 has all the gear to mark it as a full-fledged mountain bike.
ZR Lady 5.0
419,33 €

If you're impatient, you can order the ZR Team 29 series bikes very early into the new bike season.
Radon ZR Team 29 5.0 Black Edition
419,33 €

Entry-level bikers with high-level ambition will find their bike of choice in the very reasonably priced ZR Team 6.0.
Radon ZR Team 26 6.0
503,36 €

The ZR Race 29 6.0 has all the genes necessary to carry the fight to our best selling hardtail bike of long standing, the ZR Team 7.0.
Radon ZR Race 29 6.0 Shimano
839,50 €

To have a second runner in the highly competitive 999,- € segment, our ZR Race 29 6.0 is now also available with SRAM drivetrain.
Radon ZR Race 29 6.0 SRAM
839,50 €

With the R1 4.0, Radon allows you to enter the world of upper range road bikes for less than 1000,-€.
R1 4.0
839,50 €
size:53 cm,56 cm,58 cm,60 cm,63 cm

Even below 500,-€ our entry-level Cross bike Scart 5.0 has an opulent range of equipment built up on our proven hydroformed Scart frame.
Radon Scart 5.0
419,33 €
size:52 cm,56 cm

The Skill 7.0 comes with an ultra lightweight triple-butted 7005 alloy frame and a Deda Black Speed carbon fork.
Radon Skill 7.0
587,40 €
size:53 cm,56 cm,59 cm

With its updated frame and proven features, beginners can join in the Radon experience with our ZR Team 5.0 for a mere 499,- €.
Radon ZR Team 26 5.0
419,33 €

The Radon Scart 7.0 is an unrivalled package in terms of price and performance.
Radon Scart 7.0
587,40 €
size:52 cm

Due to the new wheel diameters now available, our proven ZR Team 7.0 with its classic 26" wheels is repositioned within our product range.
Radon ZR Team 26 7.0
713,45 €

If you're impatient, you can order the ZR Team 29 series bikes very early into the new bike season.
Radon ZR Team 29 5.0
419,33 €

This season, the ZR Lady 7.0 faces the audience with a confident claim on both visual and technical excellence.
Radon ZR Lady 7.0
671,43 €

With the all-new Slide 160 Carbon 650B you have theadvantage of receiving a dreambike at an unbelievable-low price of 3000€.
Radon Slide Carbon 650B 160 8.0
2.520,17 €

By now, the Sunset 10.0 Disc has become something of a classic among high-end trekking bikes.
Radon Sunset 10.0 Disc
1.091,60 €
size:52 cm,48 cm,56 cm,64 cm

If you listen to the voice of reason while deciding for a bike, pay close attention to the ZR Race 650B 8.0!
ZR Race 650B 8.0
1.259,66 €

Our Scart Light 9.0 model is a cross bike for every ambition: It is sporty, equipped with luxurious parts and has balanced ride characteristics.
Radon Scart Light 9.0
839,50 €
size:48 cm,52 cm,56 cm

The Slide 160 650B 10 is the prime example for the Radon product design as well as the value enhancement of Radon Bikes over all in the past few years.
Radon Slide Carbon 650B 160 10.0
3.360,50 €

Our Sunset 9.0 Disc, the best selling bike in our trekking bike range, has a high-class frame and high-quality, highly functional components to offer, and all…
Radon Sunset 9.0 Disc
839,50 €
size:52 cm,48 cm,56 cm,60 cm,64 cm

The many fans who still stick with the Slide 140 especially cherish its reliability and the excellent price-performance ratio. Without fuss or unnecessary squ…
Slide 140 7.0
1.343,70 €

Based on our Slide 150frame, the Slide 150 8.0 constitutes the moderately priced entry to Radons 150mm All Mountain bikes without compromising the performance…
Slide 150 8.0
1.679,83 €

Draisienne LR M – pour les débutants précoces. Convient a enfants en bas âge ou de petite taille avec une motricité bien développée. Poids inférieur d’environ 2…
LR M kiwi
55,45 €
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