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Chaqueta en Shoftshell de muy alta visibilidad La perfecta chaqueta invernal, incluso para los días más oscuros y fríos, gracias a la combinación de tejido Wa…
Chaqueta Vision
PVP* 109,20 €
67,18 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:M (Int.) S (D/UK/USA) L (Japan) fluorescent orange,L (Int.) M (D/UK/USA) O (Japan) fluorescent orange,XL (Int.) L (D/UK/USA) XO (Japan) fluorescent orange,S (Int.) XS (D/UK/USA) M (Japan) fluorescent orange,XS (Int.) XXS (D/UK/USA) S (Japan) fluorescent orange

Protect your trousers from chain oil with our Pants Protector that is made of a rugged and flexible Neoprene material. The large, 360° 3M reflector guarantees i…
Pants Protector Neo
8,36 €

Stretch-Clett is a reflective elastic strap to increase safety in traffic.
Stretch-Clett Reflective Elastic Strap black (pair)
5,03 €

Windproof and water resistant, the comfortable and breathable new Barrier Jacket provides lightweight, packable protection for a wide range of weather conditi…
ELITE Barrier Jacket screaming yellow/black
PVP* 67,18 €
50,38 €
Usted ahorra

A MTB shoe with MTB SRS Carbon-Ground Sole and Tecno 3 closure system.
MTB Drako Carbon SRS yellow/black
PVP* 293,28 €
263,87 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:EU 42.0 / US 8.25 / 26.0 cm yellow/black,EU 43.0 / US 9 / 26.5 cm yellow/black,EU 44.0 / US 10 / 27.0 cm yellow/black,EU 45.0 / US 10.5 / 27.5 cm yellow/black,EU 46.0 / US 11.5 / 28.0 cm yellow/black,EU 47.0 / US 12 / 28.5 cm yellow/black,EU 48.0 / US 13 / 29.0 cm yellow/black,EU 41.0 / US 7.5 / 25.5 cm yellow/black

ainlegs - raintrousers - protect the upper legs against rain, wind and the cold. The product has been manufactured from wind- and waterproof (5000 mbar) ripstop…
Rainlegs amarillo
PVP* 23,49 €
20,92 €
Usted ahorra

An excellent, well-designed collection, Performance Bike embraces dedicated riders who live their sport.
Performance Bike Featherlite Vest
PVP* 50,38 €
41,97 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:S amino,M amino,L amino,XL amino,XXL amino

Manguitos de gran visibilidad Manguitos de alta visibilidad, gracias al tejido fluorescente Warm Tech + y a los detalles reflectantes, para temperaturas frías …
Manguitos Vision
PVP* 29,41 €
20,92 €
Usted ahorra

The Wire Carbon has an upper fabric of Vernice Microfibre.
Wire Carbon Vernice yellow fluo/black
PVP* 293,28 €
263,87 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:EU 42.0 / US 8.25 / 26.0 cm yellow fluo/black,EU 43.0 / US 9 / 26.5 cm yellow fluo/black,EU 44.0 / US 10 / 27.0 cm yellow fluo/black,EU 45.0 / US 10.5 / 27.5 cm yellow fluo/black,EU 46.0 / US 11.5 / 28.0 cm yellow fluo/black,EU 47.0 / US 12 / 28.5 cm yellow fluo/black,EU 48.0 / US 13 / 29.0 cm yellow fluo/black,EU 41.0 / US 7.5 / 25.5 cm yellow fluo/black

Rain covers in modern yellowensure the contents of your rucksack are still dry after a day out in bad weather. Excellent rain protection thanks to PU coating …
Raincover I neon
12,56 €

To protect trousers from dirty chains.
Sujetapantalón (par)
2,48 €

Zwölfender Overshoe "Classic" 5 mm Neopren Combination of water repellent skin and mesh neoprene (very robust). Ideal for temperatures up to -10 …
Cubrecalzados Classic
PVP* 37,77 €
25,17 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:L (40-42) gelb fluo/schwarz,M (37-39) gelb fluo/schwarz,XL (43-45) gelb fluo/schwarz

Functionality pure - high visibility and wind protection. Windproof WINDSTOPPER® Active Shell vest that provides 360° visibility for cyclists both day and night…
PVP* 100,80 €
92,40 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:M neon yellow,S neon yellow,L neon yellow,XL neon yellow

The ELITE Reverse Jacket is built around the concept of having high visibility only when you need it. Built with stretch water and wind resistant Softshell fo…
ELITE Reverse Jacket screaming yellow/black
PVP* 117,56 €
75,59 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:S Screaming Yellow/Black,M Screaming Yellow/Black,L Screaming Yellow/Black,XL Screaming Yellow/Black,XXL Screaming Yellow/Black

Sugoi’s lightest performance outerwear piece, weighing in at less than 100 grams.
Helium Jacket yellow
PVP* 67,14 €
54,54 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:S super nova yellow,L super nova yellow,XL super nova yellow,M super nova yellow

A highly functional jacket which is waterproof and breathable.
Select Barrier WxB Jacket
PVP* 134,41 €
109,20 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:M Screaming Yellow/Black,XL Screaming Yellow/Black,XXL Screaming Yellow/Black

Fácil y efectivo: La protección de lluvia pasa a través del cordón en casi todos los cascos. Colores neón y reflectantes para mejor visibilidad.
PVP* 33,57 €
29,37 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:M (54-58 cm) black/neon yellow,L (60-64 cm) black/neon yellow

This versatile wind and water resistant shell jacket quickly converts to a vest, and features connected zip–off sleeves for ultimate convenience.
Elite Barrier Convertible Jacket
83,99 €

Just in case the weather shifts. This waterproof helmet raincover will keep your skid lid and your head protected from rain, wind and cold.
Helmet Raincover
8,36 €
colour size:lemon one size

One for all. Versatile and reliable WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell jacket with zip off sleeves for the ambitious cyclist. Windproof jacket, jersey and vest all in one.…
PVP* 151,22 €
142,82 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:M neon yellow/black

Shaped Deuter rain covers. Fine Taffeta-Nylon fabric with high quality waterproof PU coating and tape-sealed seams
Raincover Mini neon
9,20 €

Judge it by its cover. This lightweight bike rain poncho can be quickly thrown over to effectively protect you from all sides. Packed down small it can be stowe…
Valdipino Bike-Poncho Lemon
29,37 €
size colour:M lemon,S lemon,L lemon,XL lemon,XXL lemon

Chaleco WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell para el ciclista de carretera ambicioso. Totalmente equipado con bolsillos traseros y LOKSAK® para transportar dispositivos el…
Chaleco POWER Light WINDSTOPPER® Active Shell
PVP* 100,80 €
75,59 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:M neon yellow/black,S neon yellow/black,XL neon yellow/black,XXL neon yellow/black

Get yourself started: A jacket that provides the necessary basics: reliable protection against rain and wind with a comfortable fit. The best choice on your dai…
GORE Bike Wear PATH Neon Jacket
PVP* 168,03 €
159,62 €
Usted ahorra
size colour:M neon yellow,S neon yellow,L neon yellow,XL neon yellow
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