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Tire changing made easy!
Tire Levers 3 piece set
PVP* 3,28 €
2,44 €
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This carton can only be obtained in connection with the purchase of a complete bicycle. Solid transport carton, developed specially for bicycles. The bik…
Bike Box - Cartón especial
6,68 €

Valve adapter from Dunlop/Sclaverand (French) [tube] to Schradervalve [pump]. With seal ring.
Adaptador válvula SV/DV a AV
0,84 €

The Mighty torque wrench has a clearly visible scale for exact adjustment of the desired values. 2 bis 24 NM, Including 7 bits.
Kit Torquimetros 2-24 Nm incl. 7 bits
PVP* 46,18 €
28,49 €
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The industry’s original “dry” lubricant. Finish Line DRY Lube goes on wet, but then sets up in a dry, ‘paste-like’ film so it will not attract or absorb grit an…
Teflon-Plus Dry Lube 120 ml
PVP* 8,36 €
5,80 €
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Timbre ligero de aluminio. Se puede montar en varias posiciones. Abrazadera de cierre rápido para cualquier diámetro. Fácil de montar y desmontar.
Timbre EasyFit BBB-12 negro
PVP* 5,- €
3,32 €
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A trend-setting new development and indispensable during the assembly of high quality carbon and aluminium components. Has a strong locking effect, without bo…
Pasta de montaje 80g
5,80 €

This modern, synthetic chain oil is a lubricant, which was especially developped for extreme conditions of the bike chain.
Chain Lubricant 100 ml
PVP* 7,48 €
5,46 €
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Chain stay guard made of neoprene with white logo and hook-and-pile fastener.
Chain Stay Guard MTB
PVP* 5,- €
2,48 €
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With the KMC Missing Link Remover pliers for opening the Missing Link, work without damaging the chains.
Pinzas para Eslabon Maestro de Cadena Missing Link Remover
PVP* 10,- €
5,80 €
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Ideal for the maintenance and cleaning of suspension forks and rear-shocks, which is also recommended  by ROCK-SHOX®. Just like the daily dental care protects a…
Suspension fork deodorant
4,19 €

Mini-bell with alloy body and metric screw.
Timbre Mini 35mm negro
2,10 €

Shimano tool to mount and dismount the nut of the left crank of the bottom bracket FC-M 960/760/761/800 and FC-7800.
Herramienta para tapa de manivela TL-FC 16
1,25 €

Universal non-resinating chain lubricant with very good adhesive properties and water-repellant anti-corrosion function.
Lubricante de cadena 250 ml
PVP* 4,96 €
4,12 €
Usted ahorra

Anodized bottle cage bolts to give your bike some colour while reducing weight just a little. Weight: 3 gr (pair)
Portabidones - tornillos nero (2 piezas)
2,09 €

Always open, always shut. The CamelBak® Podium® Bottle incorporates Jet Valve™, a revolutionary self-sealing valve into a taste-free bottle with a high flow r…
Bidón Podium 700ml clear/carbon
PVP* 10,- €
6,64 €
Usted ahorra

A heavier, wet-style lubricant that requires a little more attention to drivetrain cleanliness, but delivers the ultimate in lubricity and protection.
Lubricante de cadena Cross Country 120 ml
PVP* 8,36 €
5,- €
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Custom Race Bottlecage Soft Touch matte black
PVP* 11,76 €
8,32 €
Usted ahorra

Protects the "endangered" parts of the frame from scratches or eventual defects in the paintwork. Self-adhesive.
Folio Scratch Guard transparente
PVP* 4,96 €
3,32 €
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For the safe closing of 9-speed Shimano chains.
Chain Connecting Pin para 9 velocidades
1,50 €

Multi-tool with 19 of the most commonly used tools. Top quality for long lifespan, tools made from 6150 Hi-ten steel.
Multi-Herramienta 19
PVP* 28,49 €
16,72 €
Usted ahorra

The digital pressure gauge is very precise, measuring pressures up to 11 bar and is suitable for both Auto and Presta valves. It will also function with Schwalb…
Regla para presión atmosférica Airmax Pro
PVP* 13,36 €
8,32 €
Usted ahorra

The traditional Uni weighs only 56 grams. It has the same rock-solid construction as the Allure. It makes a perfect match with the bike.
Bottle Cage Uni black
PVP* 3,03 €
2,43 €
Usted ahorra

Chain Connecting Pin for Shimano 10-speed chains CN7900/CN7801, CN6701/CN6700/CN6600, CN5600, CN-M980, HG-94, HG-74  HG-54
Chain Connecting Pin 10 velocidades para CN-7900/7801
1,25 €
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