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Stabile, practical, sturdy: these are the features of this new product made entirely out of galvanized steel with aluminum joints. The closing arm has a quick r…
Bicycle Repair Stand Bike Star
RRP* 79,83 €
41,93 €
You save

It is easy to open and close for compactness and minimum bulk. It is the ideal solution for everyone who needs an excellent work tool both at home, where space …
Bicycle Repair Stand Bike Trim
RRP* 100,76 €
58,74 €
You save

Best for small repairs / maintenance work and as an exhibition stand.
Stand By Me Rear Stand black
RRP* 12,52 €
8,32 €
You save

This is the absolute hit among repair stands. This stand is extremely lightweight thanks to its many aluminium parts. The tripod stands firmly on any surface.…
Bicycle Repair Stand T3025 Spider Prof
RRP* 187,40 €
104,96 €
You save

The new PCS-9 offers Park Tool quality in an entry level repair stand for the home mechanic. The PCS-9 works well for many recumbents and bikes with odd shape…
Park Tool PCS-9 Montageständer für Hobby-Mechaniker
RRP* 134,41 €
83,99 €
You save

The Pro-Elite is the go-to repair stand for mechanics on the road. This heavy-duty portable stand features our quick release clamp head and the rubber jaws can …
Bicycle Repair Stand Pro-Elite
RRP* 234,45 €
163,78 €
You save

Our lightest and most compact repair stand. We cut a few inches off the center tubes to make the unit fold up smaller and save a few ounces. The legs and clamp …
Bicycle Repair Stand Pro-Ultralight
RRP* 176,47 €
134,37 €
You save

Professional bike assembly stand. Foldable aluminium construction convinces with quality and function, Quick releases allow it to be built up in an instant.
Bicycle Repair Stand Bike Hand
RRP* 83,95 €
67,14 €
You save

Rear chain stay support when you travel. Dropout and derailleur protection. Length adjustable to fit 130, 135, 160 and 165mm axle.
ChainMaster Tool
RRP* 6,30 €
4,12 €
You save

This heavy-duty, compartmentalized Tool Tray easily attaches to all FEEDBACK Sports Repair Stands. Contains a basin with drain plug for washing parts. Also has…
Tool Tray
RRP* 27,31 €
22,61 €
You save

Ideal repair stand for the bigger jobs. It features an adjustable assembly tray.
Bicycle Repair Stand T3075 CycleMotion
RRP* 108,40 €
83,19 €
You save

Secure your front wheel during repair or transport attach Flop Stop between the seatpost and handlebar.
Handlebar Holder Flop Stop
RRP* 16,81 €
14,24 €
You save

A great work stand accessory built to keep tools, lubes and spare parts close at hand. The #106 installs easily utilizing our exclusive receiver pod accessory s…
Tool Tray
RRP* 29,37 €
20,13 €
You save

Compactly foldable lightweight wheel truing stand for consumers.
FT-1 Portable Wheel Truing Stand
RRP* 92,40 €
57,90 €
You save

Stable and functional repair stand for basement, garage, Camping and workshop. High quality aluminum tube set, space-saving collapsible, height adjustable, Fixi…
Service Aid Workstand
RRP* 109,16 €
74,79 €
You save

Displaying mountain bikes on hard, level surfaces. Works with non-drive side crank arm and folds down small enough to fit in jersey pocket. Sturdy aluminum and …
Bicycle Repair Stand FlashStand FAT
20,97 €

Reliable spinner-knob clamp securely holds bike in position. Clutch allows for 360° rotation without clamp readjustment. Height adjustment from 42” – 65…
Sport Mechanic Workstand
RRP* 142,77 €
107,48 €
You save

Trivio Wandsupport Junior Bicycle Repair Stand with wall mounting.
Wandsupport Junior
31,08 €

Heavy-duty, padded bags for toting and storage. Fits for PRO ELITE, PRO Ultralight and Sport Mechanic.
Tote Bag for Bicycle Repair Stand
RRP* 27,31 €
22,61 €
You save

Mini Portable Tune-up Bike Display Stand
Bicycle Repair Stand FlashStand
25,17 €

Collapsible repair stand for simple, minor repairs. You can tip the entire bike forward easily, which is particularly convenient for working on the headset and …
Bicycle Repair Stand T3000
RRP* 88,24 €
68,07 €
You save

Euro-style work stand for those who prefer the stability of a traditional fork mount.
Sprint Work Stand
RRP* 242,86 €
201,60 €
You save

W-3100 can lift up the bike for your comfortable and easier maintenance job. RS-5000 is focusing on easier transportation, but W-3100 is designed for in-house u…
Bicycle Repair Stand W 3100
RRP* 151,22 €
100,76 €
You save

Heavyweight nylon bag with shoulder strap for transporting and storing the PRS-25, PRS-15 Race Stand, as well as the PCS-10 and the PCS-11. The BAG-15 is 48-inc…
BAG-15 Travel and Storage Bag
RRP* 25,17 €
18,45 €
You save
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