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Energizer Summerlight Singlet
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Lady Energizer Summerlight Singlet white/pearl grey

33.57 €
RRP* 50.42 €
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Less weight, more energy. Controlling sweat is good. Taking advantage of it is even better.
Energizer MK2 - Women's Undershirt

41.97 €
RRP* 54.62 €
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Trailblazer products, like the BIONIC Energizer™, aren't just replaced, they are constantly improved – the result: X-Bionic's Energizer MK2.
Energizer Sports Bra - Multisports Bra

50.38 €
RRP* 57.98 €
You save 13%

Perfect support – active moisture management – highest comfort: X-Bionic Sports Bra.
Women Energy Accumulator V2.1 Shirt Long Sleeves Turtle Neck black/orange

79.75 €
RRP* 92.44 €
You save 14%

WARMS WHEN YOU'RE COLD. COOLS WHEN YOU SWEAT. The cooling effect of X-BIONIC® Underwear is only activated once you start sweating. Its clever regulation system works with the most reliable of starters: your sweat.
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Energizer Summerlight Singlet
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  • Description

    X-Bionic Energizer Summerlight Singlet

    Controlling sweat is good. Taking advantage of it is even better.
    The Energizer™ Summerlight distributes the sweat precisely where it belongs - namely, over a wide surface and directly on the skin. The body's cooling is optimised, the athlete needs less energy for temperature regulation, and performance ability increases. If there is no sweat being produced, the action changes. Insulating air is stored and the systems serves to warm. Lighter than its big brother, the Bionic Energizer™, it still offers the same technology: Cools when you sweat, and warms when you freeze.
    • 3D-BionicSphere® System on the back: Guarantees effective ventilation so moisture is quickly wicked and transported away. No sweat means insulating air pockets in the wavelike structure protect against cold. 
    • X-Impact Technology™: Better performance due to graduated compression that reduces muscle oscillations, supports muscles and joints and optimises nutrient supply. 
    • SweatTraps®: Trap perspiration before you start to feel it. Sweat is wicked away so it can evaporate using heat dynamics. A film of perspiration - too thin to be noticeable - is left behind to cool the skin. 
    • AirConditioning Channel®: The AirConditioning Channel® is a ventilation system of channels that flow around the body, continuously carrying away moisture and warmth. It allows air to flow to body regions not normally accessible by fresh air circulation.
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    90% Polyamid, 7% Elastan, 3% Polypropylen
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