MC 2.0 WR Cycle Computer

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VDO MC 2.0 WR Cycle Computer

The successor to the cult bike computer MC 1.0, which has been regarded as the yardstick in the field of cycle computers with altitude measurement for more than eight years. Suitable for both racing and mountain bikes, the VDO MC 2.0 cycle computer thus combines technical expertise with a new design and enhanced features.
The highlight of the VDO MC 2.0 is the altitude measurement function, which was already regarded as a yardstick in the predecessor model unisono. In addition to determining the current altitude and gradient, the new MC 2.0 also separately records the uphill altitude gain and downhill altitude loss.

Despite the broad range of functions, the VDO MC 2.0 has a simple menu structure that makes it extremely easy to use. The five buttons on the VDO MC 2.0 are clearly allocated to specific functions and, as on the legendary MC 1.0, have a clear structure. All key functions can be directly managed and monitored. Several setting functions can be accessed as shortcuts with a single press of a button.

All key data is displayed at a glance on the VDO MC 2.0’s large display, giving the user a quick overview and eliminating any laborious scrolling through several submenus. The VDO MC 2.0’s large display has a backlight that can be switched on to shine light in the darkness even when cycling at dusk or night. Recreational cyclists will be particularly glad of this function when their next evening cycle ride once again lasts that bit longer.

When replacing the battery, the VDO MC 2.0 saves the data so that individual settings and overall data remain stored on the cycle computer. A warning on the display also gives the user plenty of notice of a low battery. Irrespective of the national language, the VDO MC 2.0 is also a talented linguist and comes with seven pre-set European languages.

Cycling functions

  • Current speed, in increments of 0.5 KMH or MPH
  • Trip distance, up to 999.99 KM or M
  • Ride Time up to 99:59:59
  • Average speed, with 2 decimal places
  • Maximum speed on a trip distance, with 2 decimal places
  • Navigator, second, independent trip distance, counter
  • Total distance for bike 1 / bike 2, up to 99,999 KM or M
  • Total distance for bike 1 + bike 2, up to 199,999 KM or M
  • Total ride time bike 1 / bike 2, up to 999:59 HHH:MM
  • Total ride time bike 1 + bike 2, up to 1999:59 HHH:MM
  • Permanent comparison of current speed with the average speed
  • Stopwatch (to be started / stopped manually)
  • Clock (current time)

Altimeter functions

  • Uphill altitude difference, for current trip
  • Uphill altitude difference total for bike 1 / bike 2
  • Uphill altitude difference total (bike 1 + bike 2)
  • Maximum altitude of a trip
  • Maximum altitude of all trips with bike 1 / bike 2
  • Average ascending gradient of a trip, in percentage
  • Maximum ascending gradient, in percentage
  • Downhill altitude difference, for current trip
  • Downhill altitude difference total for bike 1 / bike 2
  • Downhill altitude difference total (bike 1 + bike 2)
  • Average descending gradient of a trip, in percentage
  • Maximum descending gradient of a trip, in percentage
  • Current altitude • Current gradient uphill / downhill
  • Current temperature
  • Automatic altitude correction during transport
  • 2 selectable home altitudes
  • Current altitude can be set in meters or sea level pressure

Package contents:

MC 2.0 WR Computer, battery 3 V, type 2032, battery compartment lid, handlebar bracket, rubber pad, spoke magnet and cable ties

Further features

  • Display backlight
  • Battery status display
  • Data storage during battery replacement
  • Settings with Up / Down menu
  • Clear function
  • Full text display in 7 languages
  • Can be used for 2 bikes
  • Wheel sizes can be set via tyre table

Manufacturer Item no. 2000
EAN: 4037438020009

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, 29.03.2014
Es un cuentakilometros con todas las funciones al mejor precio
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