Terminal DST Regular Pant carbon

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Salewa Terminal DST Regular Pant carbon – OUTDOOR - Bekleidung

Multifunctional, robust, bi-elastic hiking pants in SALEWA Silvershell. Abrasionresistant on the outside and comfy on the inside.
  • two front and back pockets
  • belt
  • preformed knees
  • Fit: Regular
  • Weight: 218 gsm
  • Fabric group: SALEWA SILVERSHELL
    • This is the lightest of the Softshell fabrics because it does not contain a membrane, but its DWR coating is water repellent and highly breathable. The very tight weave makes it windproof. A special fiber containing silver ions, with superior thermal characteristics, makes it particularly well-suited to aerobic sports, since it prevents the growth of bacteria and the formation of unpleasant odors; its antibacterial properties remain active for the product’s entire life span, even after washing.
  • Finishing: Antibacterial, WR
  • Spraytest: DWR (rate 4 after 5 washing
    • it expresses the water repellency of a fabric through a rate from 5 (no WATER ABSORPTION) to 1 (WET FABRIC!)- The result of the test is compared with standard pictures (QUALITATIVE TEST)
  • Air permeability: grade 4 (over 80)
    • Expressed in mm/sec , it is a measure of fabric’s WINDPROOFNESS; the very good values are < 5 mm/s. Fabrics with WATERPROOF membranes have an air permeability rate close to 0 mm/sec.
  • Abraison resistance: >20.000 rubs
    • is determined using the Martindale Test: the test fabric is rubbed in a circular motion using a standard wool fabric, recording how many cycles it takes before the threads of the test fabric are broken.
  • Snagging resistance: grade >5
    • The snagging test is run with a special kit with the MARTINDALE tester
  • Pilling resistance: grade 4
    • it is expressed through a rate from 1 (severe pilling), through intermediate pilling (grades 2-3 and 3-4), to very low pilling (grade 5); the test is run with the Martindale Tester, and the test specimen is compared to standard pictures after 2.000 cycles (rubbing the fabric against itself)
Manufacturer Item no. 20173 0781/0900
EAN: 4049156405501


65% Nylon, 23% M-SILVER, 12% Elastane

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