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Tube SV 20 for 20" extra light
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Tube SV 15 for 28"

3.18 €
RRP* 6.64 €
You save 52%

For racing, touring and cross bikes withs tyre widths from 3/4" up to 1,00" The Schwalbe SV 15 with Presta Valve.
Tube SV 15 for 28" extra long

3.77 €
RRP* 6.64 €
You save 43%

For racing bikes with long valve (60 mm) and for tyre widths from 3/4" up to 1,1".
Tube SV 11 for light MTB/Tria

4.61 €
RRP* 8.32 €
You save 45%

For triathlon or MTB 26", extra-light and for tyre widths from 1,00" up to 7/8".
Tube SV 20 for 28" light extra long

5.- €
RRP* 9.16 €
You save 45%

For racing bikes, extra long valve for tyre widths from 3/4" up to 1,00".
Tube SV 11 for 26" extra long MTB/Tria

5.29 €
RRP* 9.16 €
You save 42%

For triathlon or MTB 26", long valve, extra-light and for tyre widths from 1,00" up to 7/8".
Tube SV 20 for 28" light XX-long

7.48 €
RRP* 10.- €
You save 25%

For racing bikes and for tyre widths from 3/4" up to 1,00".
Tube SV 15 5Pcs Set incl. Tire Levers

16.72 €
RRP* 37.31 €
You save 55%

Five quality SV 15 tubes with Presta / Presta valve for tire widths of 3/4 "to 1.00" in a set with three tire levers!
Tube SV 15 (50 Workshop Pack)

133.61 €

The SV 15 from Schwalbe Bicycle Tube with Presta valve 50 pieces in workshop package.
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Tube SV 20 for 20" extra light
3.35 €
RRP* 8.32 €
You save 60%
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  • Description

    Schwalbe Tube SV 20 for 20" extra light

    For racing bike for tyre widths from 3/4" up to 1,00".

    Product Feature

    • Valve: SV Sclaverand Valve
    • Valve length: 40mm

    Suitable dimensions

    • 22-630 27 x 7/8
    • 25-630 27 x 1.00
    • 23-622 28 x 0.90 700 x 23C
    • 18-622 28 x 3/4 700 x 23C
    • 20-622 28 x 3/4 700 x 20C
    • 22-622 28 x 7/8 700 x 22C
    • 23-622 28 x 7/8 700 x 23C
    • 25-622 28 x 1.00 700 x 25C


    • 65g


    • All tubes are inflated and stored for 24 hours to test for air retention. Afterwards, every tube is carefully checked individually by visual inspection. The special quality control which prevents unpleasant surprises. The Schwalbe tube has been valued by German bicycle dealers for its high reliability for many years.
    • Besides the quality of the ingredients, the purity of the rubber compound is decisive for the quality of the tube. Before extrusion, the basic material is forced through a total of seven filters under enormous pressure. All tubes are inserted and inflated into a mold for the vulcanization process. Only this ensures an even wall thickness and high air retention.
    • Only an extremely high-quality and reliable tube is equal to these demands.
    • All valves are nickel-plated and threaded. The valve core is always replaceable. Also, Schwalbe tubes with a classic bicycle valve can be inspected for pressure as they have a high-pressure valve core. As an external indicator, every tube has a stylish dust cap made out of transparent polycarbonate.
    • The Schwalbe tube is the only tube which carries the “VSF all ride” quality stamp. VSF is an association of particularly dedicated and quality-oriented German bicycle dealers.

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Schwalbe Tube SV 20 extra light
  • Reviews


    Guter Schlauch, nicht ganz so leicht wie angegeben, aber 73 Gramm sind ok.


    Wiegt etwas mehr als angegeben, ist dennoch sehr leicht und eine Alternative zum Conti RL. P/L top! Montage easy! Passt gut zum GP4000SII.




    delicata, richiete un po' più di attenzione. ma pesa pochissimo e occupa poco spazio anche come camera d'aria di scorta delicate, requires a bit 'more attention. but it weighs very little and takes up little space even as spare inner tube


    Light tubes, but never 65g as on box looks, more than 76-80g, however still good.


    Super Leicht! Gewichtsersparnis am Laufrad zum günstigen Preis!


    gerade gewogen, SV20 mit Ventilkappe, Rändelschraube und dem Gummi um den Schlauch = 70 Gramm


    Angeblich leichter als Conti Schlauch Race 26 Light. Ich hatte noch keinen Schlauch, der wirklich 65g gewogen hätte (immer zw. 85 – 87 g bei Ventillänge 50 mm).






    Good tube, weight however is 75g instead of advertised 65g