RS800CX Multisport Training Computer 2011

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Polar RS800CX Multisport Training Computer 2011 – Heart Rate Monitor

The heart of your training At the heart of your training lies the RS800CX wrist unit. With the ability to record a wide range of performance details, the unit works with the WearLink®+ transmitter W.I.N.D. to provide you with the most accurate measurement of your heart rate. This kit at the most basic level is compatible with all W.I.N.D. sensors, so you can create and build on your training system to keep up with all your training challenges - now and in the future.
  • Combines training files for different sports, e.g. running and cycling for total data recording
  • Synchronizes with the Polar ProTrainer 5™ software for guidance, analysis and creating individual training settings
  • Determines if your training program and recovery time is optimally developing your performance
  • Highly sensitive barometric altitude sensor shows your elevation profiles
Altimeter features
Altitude with graphical trend - available via PC software
Cumulative Ascent and Descent
Basic features
Automatic/Manual target zone (% / bpm / HRR%) - %/bpm/HRR%
Display zoom
Easy start (setting wizard)
Event Countdown Timer
Graphical target zone indicator
Heart rate (displayed as % of maximum heart rate)
Heart rate (displayed as HRR%)
Heart rate (displayed as bpm)
Over-sized display
Sound volume level setting
User configurable displays - all lines
Visual and audible alarm in target zones
Water resistant - 50m
Computer connectivity
Compatible with Polar ProTrainer 5™ software
Transfer exercise data from wrist unit to polarpersonaltrainer.com via Polar WebLink (SonicLink/Infrared)
Cycling features
Autostart/stop - opt. with CS speed sensor W.I.N.D.
Bike mount - opt.
CS cadence sensor W.I.N.D. - opt.
CS speed sensor™ W.I.N.D. - opt.
Calorie consumption rate/hour
Cycling Limits - opt. with CS speed sensor W.I.N.D and CS cadence sensor W.I.N.D.
Distance based interval
Distance based recovery measurement
Incline Measurement
Odometer (1/2 and total) - total
Speed (current, average and max)
Speed sensor installation for different fork shapes - opt. with CS speed sensor W.I.N.D.
Temperature and altitude
Wheel size settings for two bicycles - for three bicycles
Data transfer
IrDA USB 2.0 Adapter or internal/external non-Polar IrDA adapter - opt.
GPS features
Battery type - AA
Full power mode (up to 30 hours with an optional lithium battery) - avg. 10 hours
Low battery indicator
Low power battery mode - avg. 15 hours
Route tracking (with PC)
SIRF-III chipset
Shock resistant
Speed and Distance
WAAS support (wide area augmentation system)
Water resistant - 20m
Language features
Display text in English, German, Finnish, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian
Polar exercise features
Altitude, ascent and descent
Automatic lap recording
Average heart rate of each lap
Average heart rate of total exercise
Cadence-based target zones with visual and audible alarm - opt.with s3 stride sensor W.I.N.D. or CS cadence sensor W.I.N.D.
Combined training files
Exercise Date
Exercise Set (extended exercise profiles)
GPS coordinates
HR-based target zones with audible alarm - 3
HR-based target zones with visual alarm - 3
HRmax (Polar Fitness test-based)
HRmax (age-based)
Interval timers
Interval trainer (HR, pace, distance) guided workouts
Maximum heart rate of each lap
Maximum heart rate of total exercise
Minimum heart rate of total exercise
Number of laps - 99
Polar Fitness Test™ with OwnIndex®
Polar OwnCal with Altimeter correction
Polar OwnCode® (2.4 GHz) W.I.N.D.
Polar OwnOptimizer™
Polar OwnZone®
Polar sport zones
R-R Intervals / Online HR Variability
Relaxation rate during exercise
Speed-based target zones with visual and audible alarm - opt.with s3 stride sensor W.I.N.D, CS speed sensor W.I.N.D. or G5 GPS sensor
Wireless ECG accurate heart rate
Recording features
Average heart rate
Calorie expenditure (Exercise/Weekly/Total/Fat%) - exe.total
Distance (total)
Exercise Time (total)
Exercise file info page with date and time
Lap info
Last OwnIndex
Maximum heart rate
Memory left indication
Number of exercise files (with summaries) - 99
R-R Recording
Recording rate - 1s,2s,5s,15s,60s
Target zone limits
Time in target zone
Running features
Distance summaries
G5 GPS sensor W.I.N.D.
Run Distance
Running Cadence and Average Stride Length - opt. with s3
Running Index
Running route elevation profile
Shoe selection
Speed displayed in pace, or kmph/mph
Speed/Pace and Distance
Speed/Pace lock
Speed/Pace summaries
Speed/Pace target zones
Target pace
Target pace alarms
Time and Distanced based interval timer
Totals mileage, kilocalories, time training
Trip Odometer
s3 stride sensor™ W.I.N.D. - opt.
Transmitter belt
WearLink® transmitter W.I.N.D. (changeable battery) - compatible
WearLink®+ transmitter W.I.N.D. (changeable battery)
Watch features
Alarm with snooze
Date and weekday indicator
Dual time zone
Exercise reminder (visual/alarm)
Low battery indicator
Reminders (visual/alarm)
Time of day (12/24h) with alarm
User replaceable battery

Included in delivery:

  • RS800CX watch
  • G5 GPS Sensor W.I.N.D.
  • WearLink®+ transmitter W.I.N.D.
  • IrDA USB 2.0 Adapter
  • ProTrainer 5™Software

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