Vanilla Flapjack 65g

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OatSnack Vanilla Flapjack 65g

Sappy flapjack with vanilla taste. Made by hand, with love. This protects the nutrients and maintains the taste. The ingredients for EnergyOatSnack flapjacks are not made in a lab but in nature's own power plant. Sappy oat flakes are the basis of the EnergyOatSnack.
Contains an average of 60% carbohydrates, 13% proteine and only 7% fat. Add to that mineral nutrients in abundance, especially magnesium, calcium, vitamin E and B complex vitamins. No wonder flapjacks are so popular with athletes and nutrition-conscious people.
Gourmets will even use it with milk - simply heat 200ml of milk in a small bowl, crumble the flapjack in its foil, open up the package and spill the contents into the milk. Squash with a fork or spoon - ready!

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