WildRace´R2 2x2,1 Advanced Tubeless folding

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Michelin WildRace´R2 2x2,1 Advanced Tubeless folding

Michelin WildRace´R 2.10" Advanced Tubeless - always a winner for topspeed in rough terrain! With Michelin Dual Compound Technlology you are getting even more grip and traction than with the already excellent standard WildRace'R.
Michelin WildRace'R tires feature a broad distribution of knobs across the tread to promote efficiency and help ensure excellent resistance to punctures. The position of the shoulder knobs helps provide superb grip when climbing out of ruts or when leaned over. This also helps offer more predictable, progressive cornering. The enhanced architecture of MICHELIN Reinforced technology helps provide greater impact and puncture resistance. Features:
  • Rhombus shaped knobs, aligned in a 45° angle to the direction of travel, enhancing the rim effect for extra traction
  • A tyre for fast terrain
  • Excellent riding properties
  • Outstanding grip
  • Featherweight with enhanced puncture-proofness due to Michelin Dual Compound Technology

Technichal Details:

  • Weight: 690g 
  • Tyre pressure min-max (bar): 2,0-4,0

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