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Intensive Warm Up Gel 150ml
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Shower Scrub 200ml

6.64 €
RRP* 8.32 €
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The shower scrub for the adrenaline fueled athlete.
Warm Up Oil 150 ml

7.48 €
RRP* 10.92 €
You save 31%

For massages to warm body muscles! Special for: cycling, soccer, water sports, bodybuilding, track and field, gymnastics, skiing.
Depil Cream Depilatory Cream

8.32 €
RRP* 10.92 €
You save 23%

Removes body hair for a sports body! Full body care – use any time.
Waterproof Warm Up Emulsion 150 ml

10.- €
RRP* 13.03 €
You save 23%

Waterproof Warm Up Emulsion withstands wet and cold conditions for sustained heating performance and protection from injury. It is also the only warm-up emulsion with the added benefit of Elite's unique ozon-rich formulation that oxygenates the muscles as you ride.
Protect Cream Chamois 150 ml

10.- €
RRP* 13.45 €
You save 25%

Body protection during activity. Soothing, hygienic, re-balancing! Special for cycling, track and field, equestrian sports.
Endurance Protect Cream 150 ml

10.- €
RRP* 14.71 €
You save 32%

Soothing, hygienic, re-balancing! Zinc oxide-based emulsion to relieve skin redness and favour its perspiration. Gives a pleasant feeling of freshness thanks to the presence of mentholated ingredients and peppermint essential oil.
Tone Cream 150 ml

10.84 €
RRP* 13.45 €
You save 19%

For massages to relieve and oxygenate body muscles! A great help for either home or professional massage, aimed at decontracting and reoxygenating body muscles. The emulsion ensures a fast and progressive skin absorption. The ozonized sunflower oil and caffeine will enhance microcirculation and tissue oxygenation.
Energy Oil 150 ml

11.68 €
RRP* 17.65 €
You save 33%

To prepare muscles for sport activities! Massaging with this product, rich in ozonized sunflower oil, gets muscles ready for physical activity, helping increase performance levels and opposing, at the same time, fatigue, cramps and/or muscle contractures. Specific for self massage, it’s a very fast absorbing oil, it’s not greasy and leaves no residue, penetrating deeply into the skin.
Energel Shower Body & Hair 250 ml

5.45 €
RRP* 7.14 €
You save 23%

Revitalising and tonic freeze-effect shampoo, to turn your shower into a stimulating waterfall of energy! Special for shower after every activity.
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Intensive Warm Up Gel 150ml
9.16 €
RRP* 11.76 €
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  • Description

    Elite Intensive Warm Up Gel 150ml

    Reinforced warming effect! Special for cycling, water sports, soccer, skiing, athletics.
    It combines the high performance properties of the Ozonized Warm up oil with a more intense thermal effect, ideal in particularly cold weather and unfavourable riding conditions such as rain, wind and fog. The active qualities allow the rider to maintain a pleasantly “hot” sensation in the treated areas, even in conditions in which there is an unsual fast dispersion of body hear such as in open water swimmining or winter sports. The Ozone content ensures that muscles remain oxygenated and warmed-up during activity, fiving you the ability to maximise the advantage of a fast and effective warm-up whilst minimising risk of injuries caused by cold starts.
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    Very important in touring warm muscle before trip