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Cool Tee with Mesh black
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fit Start Oil 200 ml

11.68 €
RRP* 14.24 €
You save 17%

Liniment with highly effective herbal extracts increases the loosening-up and warm-up effect and help assist blood flow.
T4095 Jockey Wheels Ceramic SRAM Race, etc.

16.72 €
RRP* 25.97 €
You save 35%

Jockey wheels with ceramic bearings for minimum rolling resistance and higher efficiency are highly exclusive, a must-have if you want to go to the limit!
fit Relax Balsam 500 ml

19.24 €
RRP* 23.49 €
You save 18%

Sports massage liniment for the whole body to provide quicker recovery. Great for after swimming, other water sports or a sauna visit.
Skeleton W Gel Long Winter Gloves

22.69 €
RRP* 37.82 €
You save 40%

Warming winter gloves with gel pad.
Race Blackline Long Finger Gloves

25.17 €
RRP* 29.37 €
You save 14%

Race Blackline long finger gloves with a great ventilation.
Resistor Bootie black

25.17 €
RRP* 37.73 €
You save 33%

Highly water resistant protection for your feet.
Force Jersey Long Sleeves yellow fluo

25.21 €
RRP* 42.01 €
You save 39%

The Northwave jersey has three open back pockets.
Hub Mounting Tool TL-HB16

33.53 €

With the Shimano TL-HB16 hub tool, you can easily fit 20mm/15mm/8mm hubs intto a standard truing stand.
Classic - Women's Jersey

33.57 €
RRP* 50.38 €
You save 33%

Classic cycling jersey with active cooling, efficient moisture transport and ergonomic design for optimal racing-position fit.
Invent Light Shirt white/black

33.57 €
RRP* 42.02 €
You save 20%

Force Jersey Long Sleeves black

33.57 €
RRP* 42.01 €
You save 20%

The Northwave jersey has three open back pockets.
Under Armour
UA ColdGear® Armour - Long Sleeved Compression Shirt

50.38 €

The Dual-layer ColdGear® fabric of the UA ColdGear® Compression Longsleeve has an incredibly warm, brushed interior & a slick, fast-drying exterior.
Force - Winterjacke

67.18 €
RRP* 84.03 €
You save 20%

The Northwave - Force Total Protection Jacket red / black

For cyclists, the first choice!

T2650 Blue Matic

100.76 €
RRP* 150.42 €
You save 33%

Bluematic is the middle model of the Blue-home trainer.
Original Kickboard

159.58 €
RRP* 180.59 €
You save 11%

The ultimate recreational fun made by micro ®. Let's surf the Sidewalks!
Sunset Supreme Lady

1,343.70 €

The Sunset Supreme is our high end trekkingbike and both technically and optically a real treat.
T4614 Tire Levers red

1.25 €
RRP* 1.55 €
You save 19%

Original Tire Levers by Tacx!
Bottle Cage Uni silver

2.43 €
RRP* 3.19 €
You save 23%

The traditional Uni weighs only 56 grams. It has the same rock-solid construction as the Allure. It makes a perfect match with the bike.
fit Buttock - Creme 30 ml

3.28 €
RRP* 4.16 €
You save 21%

Minimize skin irritation of extremely stressed areas and protect skin against sores during sport activities such as cycling, rowing, horseback riding, etc.
wohl Laces Spirit 100 ml

3.28 €
RRP* 5.- €
You save 34%

Laces spirit promotes blood circulation to the skin. The combination of cosmetic alcohol and pure essential oils of mountain pine, mountain pine, rosemary, lavender, menthol, camphor and Alpenheuextrakten is invigorating and refreshing.
fit Shower Gel Sport 200 ml

4.96 €
RRP* 5.84 €
You save 15%

For daily personal hygiene and hair care after sporting activities.
fit Fresh Fluid 200 ml

5.80 €
RRP* 7.52 €
You save 22%

Refreshing liniment for the whole body from natural essential oils of pine needles, rosemary, mountain pine, camphor and menthol.
fit Fresh Gel 100 ml

5.80 €
RRP* 8.11 €
You save 28%

The special combination of essential oils of pine needles, mountain pine, rosemary, mint, myrtle, various citrus oils, as well as camphor and menthol provides a pleasant, long-lasting feeling of freshness. Cools, invigorates and refreshes.
Spacer Set black

5.84 €

Ultralight Alloy Spacer Set by the use of new production process.
fit Buttock - Creme 100 ml

6.64 €
RRP* 8.11 €
You save 18%

Minimize skin irritation of extremely stressed areas and protect skin against sores during sport activities such as cycling, rowing, horseback riding, etc.
Beanie "Logo" red/white

6.68 €
RRP* 16.76 €
You save 60%

Lightweight beanie with CUBE design.
Trucker Cap "Action Team"

8.36 €
RRP* 16.76 €
You save 50%

Trucker cap with CUBE ACTION TEAM design.
Fox Clothing
Backpack Rain Cover

9.24 €
RRP* 11.76 €
You save 21%

The Rain Cover by Fox is for backpacks with a capacity from 10-15 l.
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Cool Tee with Mesh black
Cool Tee with Mesh black
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Item no.: YY00001438
  • Description

    Craft Cool Tee with Mesh black

    Craft’s Cool functional underwear is designed specifically to keep you cool while exercising in warm conditions. The underwear comes in two high-tech fabrics: plain and mesh.

    Both fabrics are based on the use of a hexa continuous filament, a uniquely patterned construction with six channels that pull perspiration vapor off the body to keep it cool.

    • Ergonomic fit for total freedom of movements
    • Cool Mesh panels in sides and back
    • Soft and comfortable fit
    • Super cooling effect
    • Excellent moisture transportation
  • Details


    Main Fabric: Our cooling fabric using Coolmax Hexachanneled fibres. Soft and comfortable against the skin: 93% Polyester 7% Spandex, 130 g/m2

    Mesh fabric with the Coolmax Hexachannel fibres for extensive ventilation and air cooling: 90% Polyester 10% Spandex, 130 g/m2

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