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Brunox Turbo Spray 100 ml – Chain Oil / Spray

Turbo Spray is the complete bike-cleaning! Thanks to the Additiv TURBOLINE, the product is unique in its consistency and filming. It characterizes itself by  its better effect of lube, penetrating oil and protection against corrosion.

BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray® is extremely ecological, it contains no silicone, teflon, graphite and only just 3 % CO2, which means 97 % active agent. Moreover, it has a flashpoint of 78 °C and a very pleasant fragrance. BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray® is the perfect cleaner for bike and chain. After a short exposure time, any kind of organic or mineral dirt dissolves effortlessly, like e.g. tar, dung, brake dust, residual glue.

After each ride in the rain and after every bike-cleaning, a conservation follows compulsory. The wet bike is quickly sprayed so that the remaining water can roll off quickly. Due to the high capillary action, BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray® enters even into the smallest chinks and pores and reliably thrusts aside all kinds of residues of water or humidity.

By means of this conservation, a quintuple effect is achieved

  • water displacement
  • corrosion protection
  • lubrication
  • creation of a dirt-repellent protection-layer 
  • and the superimposing of a polish at the same time
BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray® facilitates all kinds of service works as it is a highly efficient penetrating oil / rust remover-spray. Tight screws, blocked seat posts can easily and quickly be removed/adjusted after an exposure time of about 10 to 20 minutes.

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, 15.05.2015
, 14.08.2014
Für die Werkstatt zu klein für die Alpentour eigentlich schon zu groß.
Hatte das Spray trotzdem mit und habe es überlebt. ;-)
, 24.07.2014
Super !
, 23.06.2014
Alles Super!