Chamois Creme

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Assos Chamois Creme

Best coat the ASSOS Chamois Cream onto the application after every second washing. This, however, only applies to the traditional applications, like the BiTread-application.

The ASSOS Chamois Cream obtains the elasticity as well as any antibacterial features. The latest elastic FI cushions do not need this handling. If you like, just coat the cream thinly onto the skin in this case.

  • 140 ml
  • Reduces friction and keeps the skin cool
  • Antibacterial features
  • Maintains softness and elasticity

Customer reviews

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, 24.09.2014
best on the market
, 13.04.2014
Keeps my unmentionable parts happy when riding. Not a big fan of the chilly feeling a few moments after application but apart from that, it's all good. I use this cream before every ride.